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Silicon Valley Koreans, Inc. is a nonprofit charitable and educational organization to provide help and conducts educational meetups and career mentoring programs.

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About Us

Silicon Valley Koreans, Inc., is a charitable organization to provide help and conduct local community’s educational meetups & career mentoring programs. Silicon Valley Koreans, Inc. is a charitable organization to support local communities not only limited to; provide Korean-American culture and language exchanges, provide local community activities, and provide career mentoring opportunities to help Korean-American immigrants’ settlement in the San Francisco Bay Area. Our main charitable purpose is focusing on 2 parts; enhancing local community networkings, and educational career mentoring services.

  • Enhance local community networkings for culture language exchange.
  • Conduct startup networking events
  • Local offline meetups for extending human networks for local people


IRS Activity Codes for Silicon Valley Koreans, Inc.

U40 - Engineering & Technology (20%)

Organizations that conduct research in the area of science that addresses the study of data and information storage and processing systems including hardware, software, basic design principles, user requirements analysis and related economic and policy issues.

S20 - Community & Neighborhood Development (30%)

Organizations that focus broadly on strengthening, unifying and building the economic, cultural, educational and social services of an urban community or neighborhood. Use this code for community and neighborhood improvement organizations other than those specified below.

J02 - Management & Technical Assistance (30%)

Consultation, training, and other forms of management assistance services to nonprofit groups within the Employment, Job Related major group area.

J20 - Employment Preparation Procurement (20%)

Organizations that help people prepare for, find, secure and retain suitable employment. Use this code for organizations that provide a wide range of employment services or those that offer employment-related services not specified below. Includes: Employment placement agencies; Job development organizations including those for youth and people with disabilities; Retraining; and Senior Community Service Employment Programs

Startup Networking Day

Startup Meetings! - connect start-ups to grow their networks.

Coding Mentoring

Silicon Valley Koreans, Inc. conducts coding mentoring program to enhance local students who are targeting tech companies

SVK Community Pot Luck

Local community meetings with pot luck; enhance human networking expriences and contribute to Korean-American's settle down.

SVK Community Board Website

Online community website for local business & people. Tons of newest information and tips have been shared.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Silicon Valley Koreans, Inc. do?

We provide services for educational meetups & career mentoring programs; Korean-American culture and language exchanges; local community activities; career mentoring opportunities to help Korean-American immigrants’ settlement in the San Francisco Bay Area.

In which activities are Silicon Valley Koreans, Inc. primarily engaged in?

Silicon Valley Koreans, Inc. primarily engages in supporting local communities in San Francisco Bay Area. Please see the details our activities.

What are exempt purposes of Silicon Valley Koreans, Inc.?

One criterion for 501(c)(3) status is that the activities of Silicon Valley Koreans, Inc. must be primarily for at least one tax-exempt purpose—chose three: scientific, educational, and/or charitable.

Is my donation tax deductible?

Yes! Silicon Valley Koreans, Inc. is 501(c)(3) organization and your donation is totally tax deductible.

How can I be a volunteer at Silicon Valley Koreans?

You're welcome being a volunteer at Silicon Valley Koreans, Inc.!
Please email us:

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Silicon Valley Koreans, Inc.

Silicon Valley Koreans, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization and 509(a)(2) Publicly supported nonprofit organization

690 Saratoga Ave, Suite #100
San Jose, CA 95129